Hello story tellers!

I was so very lucky to meet some some of you when I first moved to London four years ago. You, who led me into the world of true story telling. I’m talking about Joanna Yates of Spark London and all the incredible people I met through Spark.

It’s been great using my voice in front of an audience and practicing telling stories, whether they’re rehearsed or ‘off the cuff’ at an open mic. It’s been especially exciting taking the stories to different and larger audiences at the Edinburgh Festival and in San Francisco.

Though raconteurs have been around since time began, the art has become very popular in recent years. We can now hear personal stories from all over the world on the radio, in podcasts, the local pub or theater, even on iTunes.

The experience of telling and listening to stories has been so personally rewarding that I want to share it with people in more intimate settings. Because when you start telling your stories, you realize there’s a million ways you can tell them, a million starting points, and a million ways you can interpret them too. It’s all in how you look at the story. You might prefer to do that in a private rather than a public space.

And when people hear your story, you get as many interpretations as there are listeners. The feedback on your own story from others gives you yet more ways of looking at it. And then you realize that all of life is a story – a story that can be changed!

That’s the power of story telling. Breaking out of our rigid ways of seeing things and opening up to new possibilities, new ‘rewrites’ of our stories. Telling and listening then becomes a reciprocal and fulfilling circle… a story circle we can use to expand your perspectives.

But let’s not forget the most important feature: telling stories is fun and entertaining!

So I’m throwing myself into this project without too much preparation and seeing what happens. I’ve just posted the first circle event on the left side of this page (30th October). Looking forward to whoever shows up to help create the first circle, and maybe it will spawn more circles.

Here we go!

PS – Check out The Moth for links to people telling stories, and Spark London for London story telling venues.