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IMG02314-20110624-1913Our first story circle of 2014 is in January, on the theme of New Beginnings. I find the last couple of weekends in December to be a great time to curl up all day, with one cup of tea after another, and think about what is ending and what is beginning. I can’t think of these two things separately. Every ending, whether it is good or painful, has in it the seeds of what is beginning. Every exciting, happy beginning has some sort of sacrifice, trade-off, or loss of something else.

I’ve struggled with this natural course of life many times in the past, resisting this principle to a greater or lesser extent. But I’ve found that the most useful attitude to take is to be aware of what’s happening, reflect on what is being shed and what is growing in its place, and embrace change. When I’m able to do that is when I’m happiest, and when I notice my own growth and development. And it’s also when I most feel that I have a purpose that is useful to others and to the world.

Often we’re not aware of what’s happening while it’s happening… that’s OK too. In those times, I just remind myself that there is something happening, and it’ll eventually become clear.


When enough time has passed, and I’ve had time to develop some interpretation of what has changed, that’s when I’ll have a story to tell.

Story ideas: What beginning and ending stories do you have? When and how did you get some clarity on what happened? How did endings and beginnings affect your life? What’s the story of the first or last time you <fill in the blank>? Now, come share your stories with us in January!