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bad-decisionI read that on one of those endless lists of wisdom that friends keep re-posting on Facebook. It made so much sense and made me think of examples where that’s been true in my life. Yes, I definitely should NOT have believed that man in a Paris cafe who told me he was a big French rock star (I was 23 at the time). Or that his big burly friend was his bodyguard.

Yet that’s a fantastic story I can’t wait to tell at an upcoming open mic. Believing that obvious lie, I and two equally naive young friends followed this guy into the Paris night hoping to go to a wild French rock and roll party (do those even exist?). Instead, by the time we figured out he was playing us (for sinister reasons) we had missed the curfew at our youth hostel and had to wander around lost and shivering all night.

It was a scary and uncomfortable experience, but wow, did we have a great story to tell the next morning when the hostel finally let us in. The story only became more amusing over time.

Story Ideas: What are the worst decisions you’ve made in your life, big or small? What did they lead to? Is there one in particular that you seem to tell to your friends over and over? Are there any that you’d like to tell others just to save them the agony of doing it themselves? Which bad decisions did you think were disastrous, but actually ended up leading you to something good?