Everyone you pass on the street, on the tube or at a cafe, has an interesting, unexpected, or truly amazing story in their life. London Story Circle is a monthly space for a small group of people to tell their true stories based on a different theme every month. The atmosphere is fun and supportive, so if you’ve got some stories you’d like to tell to entertain, enlighten, or just share in a warm and friendly atmosphere, please come along.

Beside my day job as a tech geek, I’ve been telling true stories in front of an audience for 4 years at different venues in London, including Spark London at the Canal Cafe Theatre, and at the Ritzy Picture House in Brixton. Last year I also told stories at the Edinburgh Festival, which was a fantastic experience! Since true story telling is a great experience for both teller and listener, I wanted to take it to a smaller venue, so that there can be more sharing and more of a chance to connect with people through their personal stories.

Posts on this blog are from my experiences of starting this group, stories from our meetings with the permission of their teller, and other topics related to the power of story telling.

I hope you come along to share, and be prepared to hear the unexpected!

Contact: londonstorycircle@gmail.com


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