Wed, 27 November – Journeys

Ireland 170


We will choose from one of several themes relating to journeys. Think of a personal story that fits into one of these themes:

  • Road Trip
  • Wrong Turns
  • Lost in Translation
  • Off the Rails
  • Happy Campers

Have you ever been lost, literally or figuratively, and found your way back? Did you ever take a trip with the wrong person? What happened on your favourite holiday? Have you ever been stuck somewhere, in a place, or in your mind? What happened?

The story should be a true story that happened to you, and take 10 minutes or less to tell. So think about where you want to start it and how to end it so that it fits into that time.

Time and Place

Wednesday, 27th November
Richmond, London – Easily accessible via Tube, Overground, and Rail
(Location provided when you reply)

7 pm – 9 pm

Free of charge. Refreshments and nibbles will be served.


Please reply to as space is limited.


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